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No two projects are the same, and neither should their wall decor be. Our unlimited range of images, materials and sizes allows us to create collections that resonate with the unique personality of each space. From abstract pieces to timeless classics, we provide a vast array of options to suit every design style.

 Our team works hand-in-hand with you to understand your aesthetic preferences,
colour schemes, and thematic inspirations. Whether you are looking for the final details for your own business, or you are an interior designer working on several projects.

Interested in our approach? Let us walk you through the steps of the process.


Partners can choose wall decor that match their projects from our extensive collections online. You can also provide our creative team with a moodboard for a unique selection of products, based on your ideas and style.

Ensuring that every piece of wall decor aligns seamlessly with your project requirements. We walk together with you in the process of inspiration and choice of the right piece for each space. 

Keep in mind that in the imaginary world of images, almost everything is possible!


Accordingly our creative team will compose a collection of images for you to select from. This can be simply done in our inspiring online showcase. Here you will see your images, products such as frametypes and interior shots.

Just let us know which images you like by adding a heart. If needed we can even finetune the collection and provide you with a second batch to pick from.

We have been successfully working like this for several years now. Every week our partners provide us with mood boards for projects and campaigns. Accordingly, we create inspiring themed wall art collections. Click here to see some collections for our partners to select from.

Our proposal

Communication is the key to understand your customer needs. To get a clear idea of all the project requirements we will send you a checklist with questions about quality, quantities and sizes of the art works needed.

To provide you with a fair and competitive price proposal, it’s necessary to get specific project details. For instance about the hanging systems. And whether the items will hang in a private or public space. In case of any goverment safety regulations to use fire-retardant materials. The more we know, the better price quote we can make.

Production & Logistics

We understand the challenges of seamless integration within a project timeline. Our production and logistic processes are designed to ensure that your wall decor arrives on time, ready to transform your space or offices.

Once the order is confirmed, we can deliver within 7 to 9 working days throughout Europe. Depending on the kind of products, the quantity needed and the country of destination.

Should you need any further information for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Partner's experiences
Partner's experiences
I look forward to many more projects with you! Thank you very much for the uncomplicated and professional cooperation!
— Steffi Sichtling - Immobilien Kontor Sylt - 2023
Interior shot - Project - Apartments
Partner's experiences
You are really great!!! Thanks.
— Raphael Rosenfeld - Argos Advisors GmbH -2024
Interior shot - Project - Offices
Partner's experiences
Thank you very much for the great speedy processing and cooperation, we are super excited!
— José-Luis Hummel, Cosmopolitan Apartments, Zurich, CH, 2024

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We aim to be your trusted partner for Art and Wall Decor.