A trend that never ends

Flowers wall decor is a trendy and  popular choice for interior design. With their variety and beauty, you can add a fresh and lively atmosphere to any home or workplace. Here are some trends in the world of floral murals.

Vibrant colors and patterns

Who says flowers wall decor only has to be available in pastel colors? It's time to be brave! Vibrant colors and patterns are all the rage. Imagine a wall adorned with a stunning mix of bold reds, oranges and yellows. This will definitely be an eye-catcher and add energy to the room’s design.

Abstract Floral Art

Traditional flower arrangements are left in the past. Abstract floral art is trendy! This type of artwork offers a modern interpretation of flowers and creates an interesting visual impact. With their fascinating shapes and color combinations, abstract floral artworks will impress any visitor.

Botanical Illustrations

Flowers are not only pretty to look at, but also fascinating in their botanical diversity. Botanical illustrations are therefore particularly trendy. Imagine a wall full of detailed representations of different types of flowers. These images are not only decorative but also educational for all the plant lovers out there.

Minimalist Design

These days, many people long for a minimalist lifestyle. No wonder that minimalist design is also becoming more popular with flower murals. With clean lines and a simple color palette, these images create a modern and uncluttered look. Sometimes less is actually more!

These trends show that flowers wall decor doesn't have to be boring decorations. They can be lively, artistic, educational or minimalist – depending on your personal taste. Choose the design that best suits your customer's vision or business and watch it become an eye-catcher.

Flowers Wall Decor: choosing the right format

Flowers wall decor is a fantastic way to make a dreary wall bloom. It can create an amazing atmosphere and impress guests or customers with a touch of freshness and elegance. But what is the best way to decorate a room with these wonderful flower images? Here are some tips that can surely help.

Which is the best room for Floral Wall Decor?

To begin with, you have to choose the right room for the flowers wall decor. It should be a room that you spend most of your time in or that you would like to show off. The living room and dining room at home or the waiting room in a doctor's office would be good options. But who says you can't use it to spice up your kitchen or an entire café? Let your imagination flow! How do you choose the right format for a flower mural?

Size and Position

The size and position of flowers wall decor play an important role. The size should be proportional to the room so that the image does not appear overwhelming or lost. In the flowers category you will find flower motifs in sizes from 30x40cm to 60x80cm. Upon request at sales.support@anyimage.nl, we will be happy to design your desired motif in sizes up to 100x150cm. More information about Any Image's production and logistics, etc. can be found under About Us.

Designs that match the size of the selected room

Whether it's a living room, bedroom, kitchen or study, there are different varieties of floral wall decor that will perfectly suit any room. In the living room, you can choose large-format wall pictures that are a breathtaking eye-catcher. Flowers like dahlias or lilies will make your living room appear fresher and create a calm and relaxing atmosphere at the same time. In the bedroom, you can choose smaller wall decor that emphasize the romantic mood of a bedroom. A wall decoration made of rose details or chamomile conjures up a wonderful landscape on the walls and invites you to dream. In the kitchen, smaller wall pictures with fresh herbs or leaves also fit the ambience perfectly. They create a relaxed atmosphere and give every kitchen a cozy touch. In the reception area of a hotel, however, a larger piece with flowers can have an inspiring effect. Guests of a mountain hotel get the right holiday feeling with our 'Mountain Flowers' or 'Mountain Landscape' picture.

Experiment with positioning and try to put the focus on the empty space to create some contrast.

Mix & Match: Combine Flowers Wall Decor with other art pieces

If you're just looking for something fresh and would like to complement one of the flower wall pictures with other motifs, we have a great selection of other nature pictures in our Liv Corday - Nature & Sea collection. Or how about a lemon picture and a little more color? Get inspired in our Colorful category. If you would like to complement your floral wall decor in black and white, we recommend our Jacob Baden collection.

The effect of Flowers Wall Decor

Flower wall decor can have various emotional effects and a positive impact on people. Here are some possible impacts.

1. Improve the mood

Flowers have the ability to evoke positive emotions and improve mood. Pictures with floral motifs can therefore create a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere.

2. Reducing stress and anxiety

Studies have shown that viewing images of nature, including flowers, can reduce stress levels and ease feelings of fear and anxiety. Flower wall pictures can therefore have a calming effect and help reduce stress - suitable for any waiting room!

3. Stimulate healing process

Images of flowers are often used in hospitals and care facilities to support the patient's recovery. It has been found that the sight of flowers can speed up recovery and also have positive effects on general health and well-being.

4. Increase creativity, concentration and productivity

Flowers are often associated with inventiveness and inspiration. Viewing Wall Art with flowers can stimulate creative thinking skills and help find new ideas and solutions. Likewise, flowers wall decor can help create a pleasant and stress-free work environment. Studies have shown that the presence of nature images can improve concentration and productivity - the perfect addition to the office interior design!

A contemporary decoration for every season

With the right selection of flower wall decor you can create a pleasant atmosphere all year round.

  • For spring: Choose flowers like tulips, daffodils and peonies. Go for pastel-colored wall decor, for example in pink, yellow or blue. Or a wall collage with different flower combinations brings a lot of freshness.
  • For summer: Choose flowers like sunflowers, hibiscus and roses. Cheerful colors such as red, orange and yellow are ideal here. Or Mediterranean flower pictures that are reminiscent of Italy or Greece.
  • For autumn: asters, chrysanthemums and dahlias. Autumnal colors such as brown, orange and red are a good choice here, like in our Red Flowers picture. You can also add images of falling leaves or autumn landscapes.
  • For the winter: Flowers such as Christmas roses, amaryllis and poinsettias are best. White, silver and gold are typical winter colors. They create a festive and cozy atmosphere.

With these tips you can create a nice atmosphere all year round.

Flowers Wall Decor: the perfect harmony with accessories

How can a wall decor piece with flowers be harmoniously integrated into the room design?

As a hotel, restaurant or café owner you know that ambience is an important part of the customer experience. Why don't we create an inviting and refreshing atmosphere with flowers wall decor? Choose large wall art with vibrant colors to create a dynamic and lively environment. Or opt for abstract floral murals to give guests an interesting conversation piece. Combine floral wall art with stylish furniture and soft lighting to create the perfect ambience.

In your own home or hotel room, however, you usually prefer a more comfortable environment. Combine the floral wall art with soft duvet covers and cozy rugs to create the perfect space for sweet dreams. Choose pillows and curtains in soft tones to create a harmonious look.

Take the chance and transform your rooms into true masterpieces of interior design with flowers wall decor!

Your guide to a blooming wall design

Flowers wall decor are popular because of their versatility and ability to incorporate different styles and color palettes. When choosing a flowers wall decor, you should consider the room, the furnishings and the right size. In different rooms, these murals can create different moods and atmospheres. Creative tips like combining wall art or designing according to the seasons can really transform a room.

From living rooms to offices, there are a variety of options to suit every taste. To view prices, you can create a free business account and become an Any Image partner today. 

We would be happy to help you find the right selection!